As Meda Packaging family, we continue our activities in the paper group, packaging materials and packaging methods with our innovative perspective and our developed technology that catches the speed of the age since 1996. In order to meet the needs of our customers in the most accurate way, we are expanding our product portfolio day by day with also sustaining our high quality and high reliability service understanding.

Our goal is to deliver the industrial packaging products of the paper group, which we produce with the advanced technological infrastructure, to all over the world, especially in Türkiye, with the quality and assurance of Meda Packaging.

We know that quality is not a coincidence, so we work with the awareness of that. We are proud of being able to provide the best service to our customers in the fastest way as Meda Packaging.

Packaging is Important, Don't Leave It To Chance!

Our Quality Policy

Meda Ambalaj, aiming to provide end-to-end solutions to its customers in the packaging industry, carries out its works by considering unconditional customer satisfaction.

Fast Delivery On Time

We eliminate the problem of "Delivery on Time", which is frequently experienced in the packaging industry.

Low Quantities Printing Opportunity

As Meda Ambalaj, we also provide printing for your low-volume orders.

Free Design Support

Your packaging designs that will strengthen your brand image are made by our team.

International Business Network

We introduce you to new packaging with Meda Packaging professionals and our customers from different geographies.

Why Should You Prefer Our Products?

Why U.S?

Performance: Quality controls are carried out at each of the production stages, and the process proceeds with innovation (innovation) and variation (variability).

Feature: We bring your brand to the forefront with printed special product works that confirm the basic performance of the product, alternative product types and increase attractiveness.

Solution Oriented: With our right service and reasonable price policy, we keep the satisfaction of our customers at the maximum and meet their needs on time.

Environmentalist: We produce environmentally friendly packaging suitable for recycling.

Our Creative Products

Our Products

We bring together the right packaging with the right design so that everyone can notice your products. We maintain high quality standards with every repeat order.